Philadelphia Flyers 20 Greatest Goal Scores in History

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The Philadelphia Flyers have a colorful history as a franchise in the National Hockey League.

There is no doubt that the Philadelphia Flyers have had an interesting history. Throughout the history, there have been players that have left their mark as Flyers. Bernie Parent was a goalie who could stop any puck that came his way. There wasn’t a defensemen more dangerous than Eric Desjardins. There wasn’t anyone who would be ready to fight more than Dave Schultz but there is one group of players that is held higher in esteem.

They are the Philadelphia Flyers goal scoring players.

During its 48 seasons in the City of Brotherly Love, the Flyers have seen the powerhouses that are their all-time scorers. These men not only brought their teams glory and victories but a certain level of play that makes them standout from the rest of their teammates. The current Philadelphia Flyers wouldn’t be the organization they are without these men. The top 20 goal scorers in Flyers franchise history are not only great men, but they are men that changed how the game of hockey is played. The writing staff here at Broad Street Buzz have complied a list of names that should never been forgotten in Flyers history.

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