Should Dave Hakstol be on the hot seat?

How much does Dave Hakstol deserve to be blamed for the Philadelphia Flyers’ struggles? We try to figure out the answer, debate style.

With the Philadelphia Flyers seemingly unable to buy a W, head coach Dave Hakstol has come under fire as of late. But how much of the blame does Hakstol really deserve? To try to settle the debate, here’s a short Good Cop-Bad Cop style debate, with Good Cop on Team Save Hakstol and Bad Cop trying to convince management fire Hak into the sun.

Good Cop: Guess how many games we are into the season. Hint: it’s not many. 20 games is not nearly enough to make such a rash decision as firing your head coach, especially when the team isn’t getting crushed in the standings!

Bad Cop: It’s not just these 20 games that we’re looking at, though. We’ve had two whole seasons before this one to judge Hakstol, and the results have been mixed, at best. Combined with this latest stretch of games, which has seen the Flyers lose in more ways than you can cook a chicken breast. Something needs to change; things just aren’t working as is.

Good Cop: Sure, but there are plenty of different changes you can make that don’t involve firing Hakstol! Break up the top line (despite how good it’s been), switch up the defensive pairings, bring in some new blood from the minors. Any of these could help alleviate the problems the Flyers are having.

Bad Cop: And who has the power to make those decisions, and hasn’t?

Good Cop: You can’t expect Hak to change so quickly. It takes more than a few games to tell what’s working and what isn’t.

Bad Cop: Maybe, but this isn’t the first time Hakstol’s done questionable things with his lineup! Remember, this is the guy who thinks Andrew MacDonald is the second coming of Kimmo Timonen, and benched Travis Konecny and Shayne Gostisbehere for no good reason! And now he’s got Dale Weise and Jori Lehtera actually playing and I just feel so… so… *picks up chair, throws it against wall*

Good Cop: I think you need to chill out a little, dude.

Bad Cop: I’m never chill.