Philadelphia Flyers: Claude Giroux provides update during NHL conference call

Claude Giroux Philadelphia Flyers (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Claude Giroux Philadelphia Flyers (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

In what has become the new way to communicate, Flyers Claude Giroux was involved in one of the first NHL conference calls and answered some serious and not so serious media questions.

The NHL has been paused for just over two weeks now. Some players have returned home while others are in their home cities.  Claude Giroux, Sidney Crosby, Jordan Staal, and Marc Staal spoke during a conference call to update media and fans on what they’ve been up to.

Giroux has made it home to Ottawa where he’s been spending time with his family. As for working out, he’s had to go the old school route with pushups and sprints to try and keep in shape.

And when the NHL does return, Claude would say it’s fair to play a couple of games when they get back. While the Flyers would be in if the playoffs started immediately, it wouldn’t be fair to some of the teams that were battling hard before the hiatus.

Claude was given a moment to speak directly to Flyers fans and expressed how much the team misses playing in front of them. And that he hopes everyone is doing their part and staying safe. He did joke when asked to say his message in two languages. It doesn’t seem as if he thinks people in Philadelphia speak French.

It wasn’t all serious, though, as the group was asked some lighthearted questions on some of the things they were doing to stay busy. Apparently Claude was the only one who had done some gaming, though it didn’t last long thanks to Scott Laughton.

Looks like Joel Farabee was trying to get in the mix as well, but Giroux’s confidence was pretty low after Laughton beat him twice. The Xbox hasn’t been touched since.

But speaking of teammates, there was apparently a group Facetime call attempted to keep the team together. But that didn’t go so well so the team has moved over to a group chat instead. And out of all of his teammates, Giroux said he would enjoy being quarantined most with Michael Raffl. The Austrian-native is someone Giroux described as a person who is never boring and knows how to keep things entertaining.

And when asked what the four players in the call missed the least about playing each other, there were plenty of chirps to go around. And a few of them were directed at Giroux himself. But starting with Claude, he does not miss how J. Staal and Crosby cheat in the faceoff circle. He also doesn’t miss M. Staal’s stick always being in his way.

While that was what Crosby planned to say about Giroux, J. Staal mentioned that Giroux could win some more if he stopped talking so much on the ice.

It was good to see the players in high spirits and get a look into what they have been doing to keep themselves busy. And just as Claude Giroux mentioned, we also cannot wait to see them back on the ice.