Philadelphia Flyers: Revisiting 2019-20 Top Scorer Predictions

Sean Couturier and Travis Konecny, Philadelphia Flyers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Sean Couturier and Travis Konecny, Philadelphia Flyers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

While the regular season isn’t quite over yet, we can take a look back at who we thought would be the Flyers’ top goal scorers.

The Philadelphia Flyers last played a hockey game on March 10th. We are over three weeks into the league’s decision to pause the season. So what better time than now to re-visit some more detailed predictions

After taking a look at our season predictions, we will be looking back at who we thought would be leading the Flyers in scoring this season. Most of the names on the list would end up being correct, just not in the right order. And there was one player we got completely wrong.

The names we picked in point order were Sean Couturier, Claude Giroux, Jakub Voracek, Shayne Gostisbehere and Travis Konecny. Four of those five players currently sit in the top five in points. Voracek is the only one out of the group who is sitting in the spot we first predicted.

A notable absence from this list is Gostisbehere. Another disappointing season has him with just 12 points. He has missed an extended out of time, however. He has appeared in 42 out of the team’s 69 games.

There is a chance things could change as the top four are separated by eight points. The team had 13 games remaining in the regular season. But for now, we’ll take a look at how the Flyers points leaders currently stand.

1. Travis Konecny

There is no putting lightly how much of a breakout season this has been for Konecny. He was just one goal away from setting a new career-high as he sits at 24 for the third straight season. His point total jumped 12 points in 16 fewer games.

Despite ranking Konecny as the fifth leading scorer, we believed he could reach the 30-goal mark this season. He was extremely unlucky last season and has certainly turned that around this year.

2. Sean Couturier

After posting back to back 76-point seasons, it wasn’t out of the question to believe that Couturier could hit the 80-point mark. He came back to earth a bit this season, posting 59 points in 69 games. That was still good for second on the team, though.

At times he has led the team in scoring and points, battling with Konecny for both spots. A healthy season thus far has helped. And while the totals are down from last season, he is still by far one of the best Flyers on a nightly basis.

3. Jakub Voracek

Coming in as the only player to sit where predicted, Voracek’s goal-scoring output has taken a big hit this season. He has been carried by his 44 assists while putting up just 12 goals. That has him ranked ninth on the team.

Voracek comes in with 10 fewer points than he posted the previous season. The numbers may grow if the regular season is to continue. So we cannot rule out his scoring output becoming a bit higher. He hasn’t scored since February 18th, a stretch of nine games. He does have 11 assists during that span, though. So he is helping the team produce in other areas.

4. Claude Giroux

While the assist totals are way down, Giroux was one goal away from matching his total from last season. Though, he is 32 points off of what he posted that season. So in terms of production, it has been a step back in that regard.

Our prediction had him a couple of tallies behind Couturier. We weren’t too far off with that one. Six points separate the two. And Giroux is only behind him by one goal. He did grab two goals in the Flyers second to last game. Since February 8th, Giroux has not gone more than three games without scoring. He has 18 points during that stretch of 15 games.

It might be a tall task with the way Konecny is playing, but there is still a chance Giroux could climb this list.

5. Kevin Hayes

We did include Kevin Hayes in our original article, just not as someone that would finish within this group. He has more than impressed during his first season with the Flyers. His 23 goals are the most he has scored since 2017-18. The 41 points are the second-lowest point total he has posted.

But those 41 points have helped the Flyers on numerous occasions this season. So while that total may seem low, it’s better to look at how Hayes has fit on the team as a whole. His biggest impact has been felt on the penalty kill. A unit where he has grabbed a few shorthanded goals.

If the regular season were to end where things stand, it was a good season for Hayes in his first year with the Flyers. Some may hope the point total increases, though, especially with the contract the team handed out.

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