Philadelphia Flyers: Ranking the top five jerseys in team history

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Philadelphia Flyers
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4. 1984 White Jerseys

This next jersey was essentially worn as the primary white from 1984-2007 and for good reason. This design is really simple and clean. What I love most about these jerseys is that at least the jersey itself is not dominated by white. I think with some exceptions, the white jersey in hockey can be very boring, but the Flyers did well here with a dominant segment of orange from the collar down to the elbows. This portion was complemented with black trim and white numbers.

The pants were simply just black while the socks just consisted of two black stripes above and below a thicker block of orange in the middle. This jersey spreads out all three Flyers colors and isn’t anything too fancy. The orange, black, and white mix screams traditional Flyers as well as the Legion of Doom. While I am not a fan of white jerseys, these are nice.