Philadelphia Flyers: Ranking the top five jerseys in team history

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3. 1984 Orange Jerseys

Philadelphia Flyers
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The next Uniform is the Flyers orange from 1984-2001. These jerseys were replaced by the 2002 blacks. Like the last white, this uniform also screams legion of doom. The orange in this uniform is much richer than the more vibrant color used today. Not to mention it dominants both the look and the entirety of the uniform. The white strip running from the collar to the elbow is again outlined by a bold black with an orange stripe added right before the black meets the white at the elbow.

The numbers also pop out with its black trim and orange filling. Again, very simple black pants, yet the socks are an integral part of the uniform. Virtually all orange except for two black lines and a thick white block in the middle. I feel as though the first thing you notice about this uniform his how the white and black contrast the uniform.