Philadelphia Flyers: Ranking the top five jerseys in team history

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Philadelphia Flyers
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1. 2012 Winter Classic Jerseys

There are so many things I love with this 2012 Winter Classic jersey. Everything is super clean but perhaps what I love most is the implementation of the cream instead of the basic white. The cream compliments the black and white in a very refreshing way we have never seen in a Flyers uniform. The orange in this uniform seems to mix the old darker orange with today’s vibrant orange as well for a perfect combination.

The solid orange stripe lining the pants adds a touch to the traditional plain black pants while the style of the socks throws it back to that of the 1980s with of course the exception of the cream color. The black along the top of the jersey provides a nice contrast while not taking away from the jersey. It is the perfect amount of black to keep the jersey predominantly orange.

Lastly, while subtle, the keystone that holds the designated letter for the captains is such a creative but beautiful design. It pays homage to the state all the while making the jersey look even better and showing off the unique cream color.

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