Philadelphia Flyers: Kevin Hayes supporting Philly workers on the front lines

Kevin Hayes, Philadelphia Flyers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Kevin Hayes, Philadelphia Flyers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The city has become enamored with Kevin Hayes. And he is doing his best to show the place he now calls home all the love he can.

It hasn’t even been a full season with the Flyers for Kevin Hayes. But it seems like he’s been here his entire career. He has become a huge part of the team both on and off the ice. He mentioned just as much when it was his turn to speak with the Philadelphia media a few weeks ago.

“I just wanted to feel how they acted and follow their lead, but I would say it took about two weeks until they were probably annoyed with me at the beginning with how much I talked and how much I joked around, but I think they kind of liked it and I still think they like it, so I think it’s working.”

And the feeling has certainly been mutual. On an episode of Flyers Fix with Jason Myrtetus, Claude Giroux and Michael Raffl both spoke of Hayes. Giroux mentioned Hayes was the kind of player that always needed to talk with everyone on on the team. But overall, he is a fun guy to be around. Raffl added how he has been a great addition to the team.

So there’s a clear feeling in the locker room on how Hayes has fit in with this Flyers group. It’s been evident in the entire city of Philadelphia as well. When you have a beer named after you, chances are things are going pretty well.

Hayes has made sure to give all of that love and more back to the city. In the midst of the pause of the NHL season, Hayes is back home in Boston. But that doesn’t mean Philly isn’t on his mind right now.

He partnered with Angelo’s Pizzeria to donate a bunch of food to some of the health care workers on the front line in Philadelphia.

It’s not the first time Hayes has supported the business.