Philadelphia Flyers: JVR ready to shine in NHL Gaming Challenge

It’s Flyers versus Leafs today as JVR is set to face a former teammate in the NHL Gaming Challenge.

The next two matchups of the NHL Gaming Challenge will be under way later this evening. The Flyers will make their debut as James van Riemsdyk will take a crack at it and try to impress with his NHL 20 skills.

He will be taking on his former Leafs teammate Zach Hyman. Fans can catch the match on television via NBCSN. It will also be streamed through the NHL’s YouTube account, Twitter and Facebook Premiere. It will all take place starting at 5:00 p.m. 

This is the league’s fourth week of matchups. Each NHL squad plays a one-time matchup against each other. They participate in a three-game series on Playstation to determine a winner.

EA and the NHL Foundation will be donating $100,000 in support of the CDC Foundation’s COVID-19 relief efforts. The event is a part of the NHL’s #HockeyAtHome initiative.

There have been nine matchups throughout the tournament thus far. This matchup will be a part of the last week of the tournament. This event has helped bring the players closer to the fans in a way we typically don’t see them.

Though, the matches are pre-recorded and edited for television. So there isn’t a way to interact with the players as they play through the game. It will give Flyers fans a chance to see how JVR has been handling the hiatus. We will likely hear about his life as a father now as well.

And the fact that he is able to take part in this event has to be a good sign for his finger. JVR did recently say that his finger isn’t 100% but he would be able to play if necessary. This won’t be as strenuous of an activity, but still has to look good for him.

Taking on Hyman, we may also get some good stories of JVR’s time with the Leafs. There are bound to be some chirps between the two players.

This isn’t the first time we will see the Flyers involved in NHL 20. The team has previously streamed a few virtual matchups and aired them on NBCSP. Now it’s time to see if JVR can get it done for them.

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