Philadelphia Flyers: Nate Thompson expects team to perform well

The third now-healthy Flyers player, Nate Thompson expects the team will do well in the postseason.

When Nate Thompson sprained his knee against the Boston Bruins, he was expected to be out for at least two weeks. It turned out that game was the last one he and the Flyers would play in before the season was paused.

Thompson was one of three players who ended up benefitting from the long layoff. He was able to heal and relax back home. He was also able to skate in his hometown when a rink nearby opened up.

Now, he’s been back on the Flyers ice for about two days. The team has had a total of 11 players come back. Teams around the league are now allowed to have a total of 12 players during on-ice sessions.

That decision came on the heels of the NHL announcing that 11 players had tested positive since Phase 2 began on June 8th.

Thomson understands the unprecedented times we are all in. But he feels just as confident in the Flyers chances with this new playoff format. They know what they are capable of doing.

“Obviously it’s unprecedented times and uncharted territory with the way the playoff format is [set up]. … I expect us to do well. I think we have the team to do something special. I think it’s just a matter of us going out there and playing confident, playing our game, and the rest will fall into place.”

Thompson was acquired at the trade deadline partly for his postseason experience. During his career, he has played in 62 playoff games. While he doesn’t have a Stanley Cup ring to his name like Matt Niskanen, he still has valuable experience that can help a young team.

Though, Claude Giroux has actually appeared in slightly more playoff games. Niskanen tops everyone with 125 games, but Giroux has the third most at 69 games played.

Nonetheless, Thompson has been around the league for awhile and knows some of the things it takes to even make the postseason.

So the Flyers are in a good spot when it comes to their playoff spot. But everyone will be on the same page when the season resumes. It’s which teams can fine their grooves the quickest.

If the Flyers can find what made them so successful before the season paused, they go could just as far as Thompson expects them to.

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