Philadelphia Flyers: Samuel Morin to start in the AHL next season

It has been a rough three years for Morin. But the Flyers prospect is looking for another comeback, one that will start in the AHL.

The journey to become a contributor for the Flyers has been a long and tough one for Samuel Morin. Countless injuries have limited almost all of his ice time during the past three years.  He suffered two consecutive tears to his ACL, among other minor injuries.

He has fought all the way back through each injury. And he’ll be looking to do that one more time heading into next season. It’ll all start in the American Hockey League.

During his end of season press conference, Alain Vigneault took a moment to speak about Morin. The expectation is for him to play with the Phantoms for a majority of the season. Only then will he possibly be ready to be an NHL contributor.

After missing so much time over the last three years, around 50-60 games with the Phantoms is what Vigneault suggested. For reference, he played 76 and 74 games respectively during his first two seasons in the AHL.

So it wouldn’t be surprising if he ends up staying in the AHL for an entire season. There is no rush to bring him up to the NHL. His career has been in jeopardy far too many times to risk bringing him up too soon.

Morin spoke back in May about his road to recovery. His motivation and drive to play for the Flyers one day is still there. Even throughout all the ups and downs of his pro career.

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A full season in the AHL would go a long way for him and the dream to be a contributor in the NHL. Morin has appeared in 20 AHL games during the last three seasons combined. That’s after a combined 150 in his first two years with the Phantoms.

There will almost certainly be rust when he steps back on the ice. But he has had a lot of time to recover. The unfortunate pandemic shut down the hockey world, but allowed Morin to keep rehabbing in the area. He has been waiting for this moment.

It is still a few months away as the NHL isn’t expected to begin until at least the beginning of December. And there hasn’t been much on what the AHL will be doing next season.

For Morin’s sake, the hope is that there will be an AHL season for him to participate in.