Former Flyers looking to take home Stanley Cup

There are a few familiar names to the Flyers that could become Stanley Cup champions as early as tonight.

This isn’t going to be us saying that the Flyers should’ve kept these players. One has gone to many different teams before being a part of the Tampa Bay Lightning. But each of them do hold roots back in the Flyers organization.

And the two haven’t been big parts of what Tampa has been able to do. But they have been a part of the ride nonetheless. They both are being used as depth defensemen, a familiar territory for at least one of them.

That is Braydon Coburn and Luke Schenn. And with Tampa Bay one win away from the Stanley Cup, it’s looking like the two find themselves a part of that.

Both Schenn and Coburn haven’t played a big factor in the playoffs. For a long-period of time, Tampa Bay decided to use the 11/7 approach when it came to their lineup. That allowed Schenn to remain in the lineup for seven games.

He hasn’t played since Game One of the Final. It is unknown if he is a healthy scratch or unfit to play. He left the ice after a hit in the opening game, but did return.

For Coburn, it has been tougher for him to get into the lineup. He has appeared in just three postseason games. Those came during the second round series with the Boston Bruins.

It’s clear both of their roles have diminished as they have fought to get playing time. Coburn appeared in 40 games during the regular season while Schenn was in just 23.

Coburn spent a lengthy amount of his career in the Flyers organization. It was a nine-year stay where he put up career numbers in his second season. He appeared in almost every game in six of those nine seasons.

Schenn’s stay was much shorter has he was here for about three and a half years. He was traded during the 2015-16 season. There was two seasons where he saw almost every game. Though it’s tough to say when he was traded mid-season, but he had only appeared in 29 games for the Flyers at that time.

It was time for both to move on when they left the Flyers organization. The defense has grown into one of the team’s strongest points. But they haven’t been able to put all the pieces together just yet.

Meanwhile, Schenn and Coburn are that close to being champions. Though, being on Tampa Bay gives you a pretty good shot at being a contender almost every year.

If Dallas is able to pull off an impressive comeback, there are some familiar names in the Stars organization as well.

They have a few coaches who saw time in the Philadelphia organization. Jeff Reese was the long-time goaltending coach from 2009-2015. This is now his fourth year with the team.

John Stevens became the Phantoms head coach in 2000 and spent six seasons there. Stevens was promoted to assistant coach during the 2005-06 season and then took over as head coach the following year. He was later fired after a tough start in 2009. He joined the Dallas coaching staff this season.

So there are plenty of Flyers products in the Stanley Cup Final. And hopefully soon enough, it will be the actual team fighting for it.