Flyers: Gritty is the Best Mascot in the NHL

Making his debut in 2018 as the official mascot for the Flyers, Gritty quickly became the best mascot in the entire league.

Let’s be honest here – Gritty is easily the best mascot in the NHL. From his witty social media posts to his quirky personality, everybody has to like Gritty. The man has it all and is now a fan-favorite.

Mascot Gritty of the Philadelphia Flyers (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

It’s no bias here – he really is the best mascot in the league. Fans around the league voted for Gritty as the best mascot. It’s safe to say he deserves it.

Gritty even won the award for the players’ favorite mascot for the second straight season and the vote wasn’t even close!

His interactions with fans at games at Wells Fargo Center and around the community go unnoticed.

Whether it’s him performing dance moves, starting a “Gritty!” chant that is echoed around the arena, hugging young fans – there is so much that he does that makes him one of the most recognizable and fan-favorite mascots.

His social media presence is completely unmatched and iconic.

With more than 300,000 followers on Twitter and 292,000 followers on Instagram, he is the most-followed mascot in the league.

His posts on Twitter are definitely something fans should see if they’re looking for a nice little laugh.

Gritty definitely seems to be keeping himself busy during the pandemic, that’s for sure.

His fashion game is unforgettable. Often wearing different outfits, no outfit he has worn has been a disappointment thus far and has often caused a major conversation on social media

Here are some of the most memorable Gritty outfits.

When Gritty was first unveiled as the first-ever mascot in franchise history, it certainly caused some controversy amongst the hockey community. His look was the most talked-about topic with some concern that he may scare fans away.

He has done the opposite and is now the best mascot in the NHL.