Flyers unveil new Retro Reverse jerseys

The Flyers new Reverse Retro jerseys were unveiled early Monday morning.

As a part of the league-wide Retro Reverse series, the Flyers introduced their Adidas based jersey. It was in conjunction with all 31 teams in the NHL. The jerseys will be worn during select games next season.

This was the first time in the history of the league that every team will be involved in receiving a new alternate jersey. Each team’s jersey was chosen and designed over the last two years and inspired by one worn previously during their franchise history.

The Flyers’ jerseys that these were inspired by dates back to the style that was primarily used from 1982-2007. The uniform style included a solid color across the shoulders with a contrasting color on the base of the jersey.

This is the first time in the team’s franchise history that black will be the featured color on the shoulders. Orange continues to be the main focus of the jersey, though, while the white is sprinkled in lower on the arms and across the trim of the shoulders.

The team flipped the colors of the shoulders and trimming underneath to pay homage to the 1997 jerseys. They also moved away from the black at the bottom of the arms. White has not been used as the jersey cuff color before this reveal.

The Flyers have used black as the main color on multiple occasions. Introduced in 1997, the team featured an all-black jersey with white shoulders and orange trimming.

The Stadium Series held in 2017 saw the Flyers once again with a predominately black jersey. The team ended up being used as an alternate during the 2018 season and they are still being used to this day. These Retro Reverse jerseys are likely to replace the ones we have seen in the last few years. And they could potentially be used beyond this upcoming season as well.

These jerseys were actually leaked out by a popular jersey site, Ice Athletics, back in mid-October. They do look better on an actual model, though.

The jerseys are currently available for pre-order and can officially be purchased starting December 1st.