Flyers: 5 observations from scrimmage on Sunday night

The Flyers split their roster into two teams on Sunday night to do a scrimmage.

The Flyers scrimmage that was held at the Wells Fargo Center on Sunday night was nothing short of action-packed. The two teams were the white team and the orange team. Kevin Hayes, who played on the orange team, was certainly one to watch.

The white team ended up winning the scrimmage. They outshot Team Orange 32 to 19.

Here are five random observations from the Flyers vs. Flyers game.

Kevin Hayes looks more than ready for season

Kevin Hayes put together one hell of a scrimmage as he scored two goals in the first period on Sunday night to put his Team Orange ahead 2-0. Hayes looked more than ready for the season opener which is slated to begin on Wednesday as the Flyers welcome the Penguins to the Wells Fargo Center to kick off the season.

Hayes was credited with several shots-on-goal as well, and wasn’t afraid to get right into the action.

Farabee-Giroux-Hayes line has serious chemistry

It was no secret that this specific line had some serious chemistry going on. Early in the first period, there was some slick passing going on between the three which lead to Hayes getting his first goal of the game. Needless to say, this is exactly what we will need if we want to be a successful team going into the season and facing tough opponents.

We’ll have to see if the three are able to keep up the chemistry throughout the season and potentially the off-season.

Ivan Provorov blocks a shot with his foot, goes down in pain

A scary moment in the first period of the scrimmage when Ivan Provorov went down in what appeared to be extreme pain after he blocked a shot off of his foot.

Good news though – Provy got right back up and remained in the scrimmage without further trouble. The man is truly indestructible.

Nolan Patrick scores a goal

Fan-favorite Nolan Patrick found the back of the net in the second period with less than five minutes remaining. His goal was the tying-goal to tie the game up at 2 entering into the third period.

3-on-3 Hockey in the Final 5 Minutes + a shootout

The scrimmage ended with 3-on-3 hockey in the final five minutes of the third period. It was definitely an interesting sight to see and provided some more insight into players as they continue to prepare for the season opener this week.

Following the five minutes, a shootout began to cap off the scrimmage game that was nothing short of a fun one to watch.

The shootout, which was intended to be just five rounds but expanded because nobody could score, finally ended after 9 rounds thanks to Raffl.

All the fun aside from the scrimmage, the anticipation to start the season is like never before. The Flyers