Corsi Analysis Game 12: Flyers V. Bruins

Joel Farabee, Philadelphia Flyers and David Krejci, Boston Bruins (Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)
Joel Farabee, Philadelphia Flyers and David Krejci, Boston Bruins (Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Flyers continue to come up just a little short against an very good Bruins team.   While there were signs of improvement in recent tilts, the Flyers regressed somewhat in their 5v5 play, especially in their own end.  Even so,  they were able to keep the game close, even leading in the third period until a late Bruins flurry brought the victory to Boston.

First Period

CF:11 CA:13  CF%: 45.83% 

Two shot attempts separated the teams in a virtually even first period, with the Bruins having the slight edge.  The Flyers played the Bruins nearly to a statistical draw with each team recording three high danger chances, and the Flyers outshooting the Bruins 7-5.

The difference in CF% for the Bruins was their control of offensive zone faceoffs with at least seven of their chances coming in such situations.  In transition the Flyers appeared to be the better team.

Second Period

CF:10 CA:17 CF%: 37.04%

The second period yielded the most chance against the Flyers. They had difficulty getting the puck out of their own end, let alone any kind of sustained offense. In this case the corsi metrics aptly reflected a difficult period for the Flyers.

If there was a saving grace to a badly lopsided period, it was that they managed to limit and control faceoffs in their defensive zone, yielding only a handful of chances to the Bruins.  The Bruins had used offensive zone faceoffs as a spring board for offence chances.

Third Period

CF:14 CA:16 CF%: 46.67%

The third period was hauntingly familiar, with the Flyers securing a lead only to have the Bruins take it away.  The Bruins, again, would use offensive zone draws to their advantage, eventually allowing Brad Marchand to score on a net mouth scramble after a Bruins faceoff win.

Corsi Winner

BOS David Krejci CF:16 CA:7 CF%: 69.47%

Krejci was the unsung hero for the Bruins efforts on Friday, playing a game that was even stronger than his gaudy corsi statistic indicate.  Krejci took many of the Bruins defensive zone draws where he and his line mates were able to control the puck and transition into offense.  Once in the Flyers offensive zone they would generate chances and pin Philadelphia in their own end.

Corsi Loser

PHI Connor Bunnaman CF:5 CA:12 CF%: 29.41

Bunnaman’s NHL education continued at the hands of David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron, as Bunnaman was unable to generate a single scoring chance while allowing  a combined seven against.  Bunnaman is good forechecker and has found some level of comfort in the offensive end, but has struggled mightily getting the puck out of the defensive zone. The Bruins picked on his weakness, racking up the chances with each of his defensive zone turnover.


CF:35 CA:46 CF%: 43:21%

The Flyers were unable to consistently control draws in their defensive end, and that was the difference in the game. The Bruins’ would basically run wild, creating and sustaining pressure, which forced the Flyers into ill-fated clearance attempts. This coupled with the superior efforts of David Krejci in the defensive end rendered Philadelphia ineffective at 5 v 5.

There is reason for positive thinking. The Flyers have not yet hit their stride but are still getting opportunities to win the game.  The core issues are imminently correctable, and will make them less vulnerable when the issues are fixed.