Flyers, I Choose You! 5 Pokémon that remind us of the Philadelphia Flyers

Claude Giroux Philadelphia Flyers (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Claude Giroux Philadelphia Flyers (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /
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#5: Crabominable

Crabrominable is a relatively new Pokémon that originates from the Sun and Moon games released in 2016. It’s a coconut crab/Yeti hybrid and sports dual Fighting and Ice typings.

Belligerent, brash, and boastful, Crabominable uses its giant claws to unleash furious flurries of punches onto its foes. With its high attack stat and Iron Fist ability that powers up all punch-based moves, this feisty crustacean never shies away from combat.

Simply put, this guy is the animated equivalent to Flyers enforcer Dave Schultz.

Schultz was an absolute force in his time with the Flyers and served as the watchdog of the original Broad Street Bullies teams during the 1970s. The epitome of what it meant to be an NHL tough guy when Schultz was on the ice, he had one goal — inflict pain.

The truculent number 8 collected nearly 14,000 PIMs during his Flyers career and dropped the gloves 76 times while dawning the Orange and Black, according to

Beyond the Schultz comparison, this hulking mass of snow and crab fries matches the blueprint of how so many fans in both Philadelphia and around the league view the Flyers. The Broad Street Bullies reputation may have been earned in the past, but it persists even today with newer incarnations of the team. From Schultz and Kjell Samuelsson to Chris Therrien, Chris Pronger, Wayne Simmonds and most recently Sam Morin, the Flyers are always sure to have run a bruiser or two in their lineup.