Corsi Analysis: Flyers Rolled by Capitals

The Flyers failed to generate much offense after a strong first period and dropped a 3-1 decision to the Washington Capitals.

First Period

CF:15 CA:11 CF%: 57.69%  ZENO:1

The Flyers were able to walk over the Capitals early in the period, generating several dangerous chances capped by a Joel Farabee goal. They carried play and were able to created chances while not having long periods of sustained offense. They were just unable to capitalize.

Second Period

CF:8 CA:27 CF%: 22.86%  ZENO:0

In a truly lopsided period, the Flyers saw the Captials’ collect three times the chances they did. While the Caps were skating better, with more urgency, the Flyers were just plain bad.  Their play in the defensive zone was in disarray. Turnovers in their own end, a reoccurring issue, was just the start of their problems.

The Flyers not only failed to clear the zone with control, often times they failed to clear the zone at all. All too often they would send a sloppy pass that the Caps would receive and turn instantly into offense

Third Period

CF:9 CA:7 CF%: 56.25% ZENO:1

The Flyers’ problems in their own end continued well into the third period. While there were turnovers, they also failed to win several puck battles deep in their own end.   No harm would come from the lost puck battles, however it caused the Flyers offense to stall and sputter.

Corsi Winner

WAS Conor Sheary, Lars Eller, Richard Panik CF:14 CA:6 CF%: 70.00%

Sheary, Eller and Panik were quite good in this game. The trio was able to get the puck in deep and repeatedly force the Flyers into turnovers or weak clearances which would be returned almost immediately back in the Flyers’ defensive zone.  Even without scoring, the performance they delivered shift after shift allowed them to be effective at controlling the game.

Corsi Loser

PHI L Oskar Lindblom CF:3 CA:10 CF%: 23.08 %

After a strong opening period where Lindblom was actively driving possession, he would end the game with the lowest CF% rating. Lindblom was not as bad as the metric indicates, and seemed to be more the victim of bad play around him, rather than bad play of his own. On a night when the team was not sharp, Lindblom was a case of corsi collateral damage.


CF:45 CA:32 CF%:41.56%  ZENO:2

The second period was the key to Philadelphia’s downfall. Oddly, the second period CF% would indicate sustained pressure by the Caps. The goals were relatively quick strikes coming from nice passes that exploited defensive break downs. The corsi numbers speak more about the Flyers inability to generate offense, and just how disruptive the Capitals’ were on the forecheck.

While there is little to take as a positive in the game, as a strong first period was wasted by deteriorating play as the game wore on, there is not reason to panic. They still have better hockey to come.