Here’s why Flyers head coach Alain Vigneault should not be fired

The Philadelphia Flyers will not make any changes to their coaching staff that is led by head coach Alain Vigneault during the season and into the offseason, at least that’s what was said by Chuck Fletcher.

Philadelphia’s President of Hockey Operations and General Manager Chuck Fletcher offered a strong “no” when he was asked if the club saw any foreseeable changes to the coaching staff in the offseason in Fletcher’s post-trade deadline press conference that was broadcasted on the Flyers official Twitter page.

You have to take that with a grain of salt. Fletcher wouldn’t put someone on the hot seat when speaking to the public.

Regardless, Alain Vigneault shouldn’t be fired.

It’s not entirely head coach Alain Vigneault’s fault that the team has endured various different struggles this offseason, and he certainly shouldn’t be fired during or even after this season in the offseason.

Alain Vigneault, head coach of Philadelphia Flyers (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The recent struggles are on the players. The same core group of players has been through several different coaching staff changes and nothing has seemed to be different in terms of pure success on the ice all around. It’s not a 100 percent good argument to make, but it does make you think.

Sure, Alain Vigneault should also be held accountable but at the end of the day fault also is placed on the players. Vigneault has also made questionable personnel decisions throughout the season that has some fans losing confidence in him.

This obviously isn’t everyone’s opinion on the situation, but it does seem to be most people’s opinion on Vigneault.

According to a poll that ran for 20 minutes on Broad Street Buzz’s Twitter page, 74.6 percent of 173 total voters voted that Alain Vigneault should not be fired over the Flyers struggles.

Flyers assistant coaches Mike Yeo and Michel Therrien are, however, a different story according to Flyers Twitter. The reasoning for this is because the special teams need to be better and that’s just the truth everyone can agree with if they watch Flyers games.

Even with just watching one or two situations where special teams are needed and you can see the mess it has become. Not to say that every Flyers’ power play and the penalty kill is bad, but it certainly seems like there is more bad than good.