Flyers Charities Partners With Leveling The Playing Field

Courtesy: Philadelphia Flyers
Courtesy: Philadelphia Flyers /

This past Monday, Flyers Charities announced a new partnership with the non-profit organization, Level the Playing Field. With this new partnership, LPF was presented with a $40,000 donation before April 25th’s game against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Founded in 2013, Leveling the Playing Field uses redistributed sports equipment in order to expand access to children around the area that may otherwise not have the resources they need. This makes youth sports and recreational activities more accessible to a wider range of youth and helps sustain participation that may otherwise drop off due to the lack of resources.

LPF has donated over $8,000,000 in equipment and has impacted over 1,000 programs thanks to this initiative. And that goes along with over 5,000 volunteers that have been able to help collect and distribute the equipment back into the community. They have locations in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington.

With the Flyers participation, LPF will be able to continue distributing equipment to youth around the area by allowing them to construct 10 co-branded sports equipment collection bins. Those will be placed in various places throughout the Philadelphia region.

Having the voice of a major sports team can also help reach a much wider audience and help to educate them about an initiative they may have otherwise not known about. And that is exactly was has Max Levitt, Founder and Executive Director of Leveling the Playing Field, most excited about this new partnership.

"“On behalf of the entire Leveling the Playing Field team, we are so excited and honored to be partnering with the Philadelphia Flyers. Partnering with the Flyers and utilizing their platforms within the Philadelphia community will help us reach an entirely new audience. This partnership will enable LPF to not only keep youth hockey equipment out of the landfill but also expand access to the sport.” Levitt said in a press release about the partnership."

For Cindy Stutman,  Flyers Charities Executive Director, the non-profit’s mission aligns perfectly with the goals of the organization as well. Sustainability and Growing the Game are two of Flyers Charities’ giving pillars. Once they connected with them, with the help of the organization’s Community Relations team, that’s when they came together with the monetary donation as well as the collections bins.

Not only will this partnership help kids around the local Philadelphia area. But Snider Hockey, who, aside from the hockey programs themselves, provides athletes with important life skills such as learning how to work together and building their own character, will also benefit from this.

"“We hope to grow hockey in all of our local neighborhoods and providing kids with equipment is the first entry point. Our partnership with Snider Hockey will also benefit as their participants will be among one of the first beneficiaries.”"

The collection bins that will be distributed around the area are expected to be ready to go by the start of next season. And more will follow in regards to the big kick off event and how people will be able to donate as well.

It starts from the ground level as the fans are the ones who help Flyers’ Charities make it possible to support organizations that are doing this type of work in the Philadelphia area. The participation in events such as the Gritty 5K, the Hall of Fame and Charities Games, and even the 50/50 raffles help translate directly into the work that they are then able to do.

The fan participation that Flyers Charities is able to receive plays a big roles in being able to support non-profits like Leveling the Playing field and other projects that are currently going on. The organization is also helping to build a multi-purpose street hockey rink in Kensington.

Flyers Charities has been proudly supporting non-profit organizations that provide these type of resources to communities that otherwise may not have been able to on their own. Leveling the Playing field aims to do the same thing while also reducing the environmental impact of some of this equipment simply going to waste.

The partnership simply makes sense for both sides and is almost certain to be a success.