Flyers Prospect Emil Andrae Takes Puck To Face, Could Miss Time

Flyers prospect Emil Andrae in the IIHF World Junior Championship (Photo by Andy Devlin/ Getty Images)
Flyers prospect Emil Andrae in the IIHF World Junior Championship (Photo by Andy Devlin/ Getty Images) /

Commentators will often say that football is the most brutal, violent sport on the planet. And they have a strong point. Because hockey is often treated as an afterthought of the, sometimes the sheer physicality of the game can be forgotten about sometimes…and then WHAM! Something happens. I clearly remember when Flyers defenseman Chris Therien fired a shot that hit Montreal Canadiens player Trent McCleary right in the throat as he was laying down to block a shot. The shot broke his trachea and ended his career; visibly shaking up Therien in the process as well.

Flyers prospect Emil Andrae found that out this week as well. While with HV71 of the Swedish League, he took a shot off the face. According to reports, he was bleeding quite profusely and had to be rushed to the hospital.  Andrae says he’s feeling fine, all things considering. He will be monitored before being released. It is possible he could resume to practice, wearing a face shield next week at the earliest.

The issue with Andrae is some recent injury history this year. While playing for HV71, he injured his hand during the season and received a head injury towards the end of the year.

Andrae received 30 stitches for the nasty gash on his lip. If you want to see the injury, click here, however it is pretty nasty. He has been placed on a liquid diet so that the stitches can heal the wound. He has some headaches, but nothing that indicates a concussion at this point.  His injury reminds many of us of Ian Laperrière who had taken two face shots in one season.

Andrae, a second round pick by the Flyers in 2020, had been stellar for Sweden, helping the team to win a bronze medal at the World Junior tournament this summer. He has been praised for his defensive abilities; specifically his ability to see where the attack is coming and how to transition over to the offense.

He has not signed a deal with Philly yet, but it is expected to come soon as he continues to grow in Sweden. He is widely seen as one of the rising prospects in the Flyers pipeline. It is hoped that he could be over here in the AHL/NHL level within the year.