Tony DeAngelo is more than just a Gostisbehere replacement

Tony DeAngelo. Philadelphia Flyers (Mandatory Credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports)
Tony DeAngelo. Philadelphia Flyers (Mandatory Credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports) /

Anthony DeAngelo, also known as Tony, is a native out of Sewel, New Jersey. Tony grew up playing for the Hollydell Hurricanes. Tony joined the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders of the USHL and became the youngest player in league history at the age of 14.

While Tony has donned other sweaters in his life, his dream was to wear one consisting of the Orange and Black. While many may not like Tony for his past actions, it is also in the past. Tony has a really big heart off the ice and is known to not only be charitable but one of the nicest guys you can ever meet.

Being a local guy, stories get passed around about you. One of the big stories is about how the second Tony touches the ice, he becomes a different animal. For a player to shut off that side and become a true competitor is something special and for Tony, it means more doing it for his hometown team.

DeAngelo is an offensive defenseman who also has a great ability to move the puck and quarterback a power play. His high IQ for the game makes him something special for this Flyers team and their young budding defensemen in Sanheim, Provorov and York. A guy who has been through things other players haven’t and when he was forced to step away from the game, realized just how much he loved it. DeAngelo has matured since his days with the Rangers.

Tony DeAngelo is a big part of the Philadelphia Flyers

When DeAngelo got his second chance in Carolina, he didn’t waste it. The Hurricane fans fell in love with him and were ultimately disappointed when he was moved to the Flyers. In 64 games, DeAngelo scored 10 goals and recorded 41 assists for 51 points. DeAngelo was also a +30 with 20 of his points coming on the power play.

The Flyers have been trying to replace Shayne Gostisbehere and have failed to do so. DeAngelo is a good replacement, but Ronnie Attard will most likely be the next Offensive Defenseman for the Flyers similar to Ghost. The difference is DeAngelo can play defense.

Ghost had great skating ability, puck-carrying ability and puck-moving ability, but his defense left a lot to be desired. While for most of his career he played with guys like Andrew MacDonald. Ghost never fully developed a full feel for the defensive side of his game.

DeAngelo has a good 200-foot game and is very smart when moving the puck. Watching him on the power play is different than when Ghost was the power play QB. DeAngelo only puts shots on net when he has a clear path through traffic. DeAngelo also doesn’t force shots. This allows him to not have his shot blocked. While his slapper isn’t as strong as Ghost’s, other facets of his game outwork Ghost.

DeAngelo helped Provorov early on find his game. DeAngelo helped the struggling Sanheim be able to open up offensively and activate at good opportunities. If Sanheim and DeAngelo can be something similar to Slavin and DeAngelo here in Philly, that defensive pairing is going to be dangerous to play against.