Is Travis Konecny the next coming of Danny Briere?

Travis Konecny (Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)
Travis Konecny (Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports) /

Travis Konecny has really found himself this season thanks to head coach John Tortorella’s faith and belief in Konecny. The last time we saw him explode and play this confidently was back in the 19-20 campaign before the covid pause. Since then, Konecny has been one of the most snake-bitten players in the NHL.

Danny Briere was one of the best players in the last decade to don the Orange and the Black and it continues here with him stepping outside of his assistant GM role to mentor the Flyers’ current superstar. We have seen a lot of their hard work paying off this season. Konecny’s scoring touch and playmaking abilities have become almost reminiscent of Danny Briere’s.

In his last 10 games, Konecny has been on fire, but in reality, this has been coming since he was benched back in early October. Konecny went out for an injury and when he returned, he began to light the league up scoring goals and assisting on some beautiful goals for his teammates. The Flyers’ patience has really paid off and has been rewarded by the play of Konecny.

Travis Konecny is on his way to big things with the Philadelphia Flyers

The similarities between these two players are starting to show and it makes a ton of sense as to why Danny Briere would take Travis Konecny under his wing. Danny Briere is 5’9″ and 174 lbs. while Travis Konecny stands at 5’10” and 184 lbs. Both have elite skating abilities combined with a laser of a shot, determination and a nose for the net. Konecny commented on how Danny Briere has helped him.

Both are also beloved by this fanbase. Konecny became a fan favorite for his scrappy play and willingness to do anything to help this team win. We also can’t forget all the great memes, videos and chirping we have seen him do over his time in Philly.

Like Briere, it has taken Konecny some time to adjust to the NHL level at his size but learning the ebbs and flows of the game helped Briere and now, he is passing that knowledge onto Konecny like he was back on the ice all over again. It took Briere 5 years to eclipse 30 goals, in fact, it took him 5 years to even pass 11 goals. Konecny in his 7th year is finally going to get over the hump to 30 goals and above, but Konecny scored 24 goals three years straight.

The main thing Konecny has been learning from Briere is how to keep his head on straight and to bring himself back into the areas where he was scoring goals. Over the last few seasons, Konecny has been frustrated and had his head looking up to the ceiling more often than not. This season, Konecny seems to have put that in the past and has been working on following the play and not letting things get to him.

Konecny has used the iPad a lot and not focusing on the play ahead of him. Last night, they didn’t have the iPads on the bench and Konecny scored a hattrick. Coincidence? I think not.

Konecny deserves to go to the All-Star game and earn his 2nd All-Star appearance. Konecny also seems to have emerged as one of the guys Fletcher needs to build around as they continue to move forward with this aggressive retool/rebuild. The difference between Konecny and Briere is that Konecny has figured it out a little quicker than Briere did AND he has Briere to help guide him through the rough patches. Don’t be surprised if Konecny passes Briere for goals and points someday.