Top 5 most likely Flyers traded at the 2022-23 deadline

Flyers, Felix Sandstrom (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
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Flyers – #1: James van Riemsdyk

Much like Braun, this should not have come as much of a surprise. Rumors of JVR’s departure from Philly have been going around since the Kraken was selecting a roster. There were many rumors the team was trying to ship him out in the offseason to clear up cap space. That also didn’t happen. The Flyers were left with him and his bloated salary.

There were a lot of expectations that he’d be a hot commodity for a team that is bound for the playoffs. Anybody could use a veteran sniper like him. And then he broke his finger. But he returned to play and it was hoped he could showcase his talents.

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Since Christmas, the Flyers have been surging. However, JVR has not been one of the players performing well. In his last 13 games, he has just two goals and three assists. If he is to be a tradeable asset, he has to perform better than that. Not too many teams will line up at the door and pay top price for a 33-year-old who can’t score. His seven goals and 12 assists in 28 games aren’t good enough.

Still, the Flyers will likely part with him. What will the return be? It’s too early to say. If he gets hot, the return will too. If he stays cold, we’d be lucky to get a seventh-rounder in return.