2 Philadelphia Flyers prospects to watch in Frozen Four

The NCAA Frozen Four is starting soon and there are two Philadelphia Flyers to watch.
Denver v Providence College
Denver v Providence College / Richard T Gagnon/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Flyers have two players getting set to play in the NCAA's Frozen Four. There were five going into the round of 16 but only two are in the final four.

One of them is Massimo Rizzo. Rizzo hasn't played in the tournament yet as he has been dealing with an injury. He has been skating with the team though so he could be available to play for Denver next Thursday in the semi-finals.

Denver is one of the best teams in the country and has been all season long. If they want to win the National Championship, they need Rizzo in the lineup producing. Before his injury, he was one of the best players in the country.

The Flyers acquired Rizzo, a former 7th-round pick, from the Carolina Hurricanes. He has come a long way from being a late-round draft pick as there is a high likelihood that he eventually plays in the NHL. He may even get signed and play this year if everything shakes out in his favor.

With Sean Couturier set to miss a couple of weeks, Rizzo might show up just in time to help them make the playoffs (or even play in the playoffs). However, Denver has some business to take care of first.

The Philadelphia Flyers have two prospects to watch in the Frozen Four

Denver will go up against Boston University in the semi-finals of this tournament. Of course, the other Flyers prospect left is Devin Kaplan of BU.

Kaplan is in his second season at BU and he is a strong physical presence that can move up and down the lineup. He may not be a star player but he does have the ability to change the game in other ways. He creates room for others and can get to the hard areas of the ice.

It is going to be an incredible battle between these two squads with a berth in the National Championship on the line. With these two Flyers prospects involved, Philadelphia has even more reason to watch the game.

Ahead of this matchup, there will be a game between Boston College and Michigan. The winner of each matchup will face off for all the marbles.