3 Boston Bruins players that the Philadelphia Flyers could acquire

The Boston Bruins have a few players that the Philadelphia Flyers should consider.
Boston Bruins v Florida Panthers - Game Two
Boston Bruins v Florida Panthers - Game Two / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages
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The Flyers would love to add a depth forward like Jake DeBrusk

The Philadelphia Flyers have some very good forwards. They also have a star prospect in Matvei Michkov coming eventually.

The belief is that Michkov is their future superstar. Even if that is true, however, they need some depth if they are going to start making playoff runs.

A guy like Jake DeBrusk is someone for the Flyers to consider. He is a gritty forward who is now an unrestricted free agent at 27 years old.

DeBrusk is a former first-round pick by the Boston Bruins and he has become a good NHL player. In 2023-24, he had 19 goals and 21 assists for 40 goals in 80 games.

This isn't a superstar or anything like that but he is a great middle-six contributor which contenders need.

DeBrusk also becomes a star in the playoffs. His game translates to the postseason very well. Yes, you have to make the playoffs but having guys that elevate their games when it matters most is important.