Arthur Kaliyev is a low-risk trade option for the Flyers

Los Angeles Kings v Columbus Blue Jackets
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The Flyers have openly admitted to being a team willing to take on players who need a change of scenery or a chance to prove themselves. They did that with players like Ryan Poehling and Jamie Drysdale.

Philadelphia can take chances on those types of players in a rebuilding phase. It is a low-risk, high-reward option most times. With Poehling, the Flyers found something in him. Time will tell with Drysdale, as keeping him healthy could be the key to unlocking his full potential.

Another player who is reportedly looking for a new place to grow is Arthur Kaliyev. The 22-year-old forward was drafted by the Los Angeles Kings in the second round in 2019. In his rookie season in 2021, he posted a respectable 14 goals and 27 points in 80 games. Kaliyev posted similar stats the following season, recording 13 goals and 28 points in 56 games. He missed 26 games due to injury, so there was a chance he could've done even better.

The obvious expectation was that he'd take a step forward this season. Anything but that happened. He was a frequent scratch, appearing in a career-low 51 games. Once the Kings moved on from head coach Todd McLellan, Kaliyev's role decreased dramatically under Jim Hiller. He scored seven goals and posted 15 points. His ice time dipped slightly from his rookie season, going from 12:38 per game to 11:48. Kaliyev did not appear in any of the five games in the Kings' first-round loss to the Oilers.

The Flyers could buy low on Arthur Kaliyev

It's fair to say that Kaliyev's stock isn't high right now. But, he is only 22 years old and has plenty of room to grow his game. He is a restricted-free agent this summer. However, his qualifying offer is only 874K and he has not reached arbitration status. It's unlikely he will get any significant pay raise or see more than a one-year contract after this past season.

But it sounds like it won't be with the Kings as Kaliyev has reportedly asked for a trade. And the Kings are expected to grant his wish. There was talk about it happening mid-season, but that never happened. With the dip in production, it's unlikely Kaliyev will take a lot to pry from Los Angeles.

Kaliyev is a skilled player who has a physical aspect to his game. With many skilled players in front of him in Los Angeles, going to a team where he could grow with players around him would be best. The Flyers are the perfect example of that. They don't have a ton of star power and are looking to build their team with a solid foundation of young players.

Kaliyev would be surrounded by numerous players around his age, some looking to make their marks in the NHL as well. Despite a better-than-expected season last year, the Flyers have more room to grow as a team. Finding another young star that can become a part of their core is not a bad option to take.

Kaliyev will not cost much on the cap, but if he develops right, he could become a part of the future of the Flyers. He's worth taking a chance on.