3 awesome suitors for Sean Walker at the trade deadline

If the Philadelphia Flyers ultimately decide to sell at the trade deadline, Sean Walker is one player they will likely end up moving elsewhere.
Feb 6, 2024; Sunrise, Florida, USA; Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Sean Walker (26) moves the puck
Feb 6, 2024; Sunrise, Florida, USA; Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Sean Walker (26) moves the puck / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
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It’s always a mystery whether the Philadelphia Flyers will end up trading their top assets away at the deadline to forge a rebuild or if they will hang onto them. While it’s still 50-50, let’s assume a few scenarios should they look to rebuild the team despite a strong run and sell at the deadline. 

That said, this article is by no means assuming that the Flyers will be sellers, but instead it provides a few possible scenarios if they decide to move players over the next couple of weeks. Sean Walker is one name we have constantly seen brought up, so there is a good chance that he won’t be around the City of Brotherly Love if general manager Daniel Briere sells. 

Sean Walker will most likely go elsewhere if the Flyers sell

Should they move Walker, there is a good chance the Flyers will get more than a fair return for the versatile defenseman, especially if he goes to the second team listed. But Teams 1 and 3 could also overpay for Walker, as he could easily factor in as one final puzzle piece for both organizations to make a legitimate deep playoff run. 

While Walker would remain a valuable player for the Flyers beyond this season, the fact he is a pending unrestricted free agent and would be looking for more money and perhaps a four-plus year extension isn’t the most feasible scenario for Philadelphia. By trading Walker for future assets and picks, they can let the 29-year-old go while still getting something for him. 

Given his experience, expect quite a few teams to join the sweepstakes, but as implied earlier, three jump out more than the others.