Bobby Brink needs more playing time in 2024-24

Bobby Brink needs more playing time in 2024-24 for the Philadelphia Flyers.
Philadelphia Flyers v Montreal Canadiens
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The Philadelphia Flyers are a team looking to get better after seeing what happened to them in 2023-24. One of the reasons they have a bright future in the eyes of many is forward Bobby Orr Brink.

Brink had an up and down rookie season with the Flyers this year but he wasn't out there as much as he probably should have been. The Flyers needed goals this season and Brink can bring offense.

In 57 games played this season with the Flyers, he had 11 goals and 12 assists for 23 points. All of that came playing just 13 minutes per night.

In 13 games played with the Lehigh Valley Phantoms (AHL), he had seven goals and six assists for 13 points. He can bring a ton of offense wherever he goes but he needs more opportunity.

The Philadelphia Flyers need to give Bobby Brink more of a chance

The Flyers need to give him more playing time next season. There is no excuse for not having this kid in the lineup every night and getting plenty of ice time.

If they do allow him to play more, they will score more goals. He will make his defensive mistakes but that is only going to get corrected if he is allowed to learn.

He is showing at the AHL level that there is little more he can learn down there. He needs to find his way in the NHL. The Flyers will be better in the long term if they put a lot of focus into his development.

A lot of good young players are in this organization and a few more high-end draft picks are coming soon. They need Bobby Brink to be a part of that group as he has shown he has the talent needed to do so.

2024-25 is going to be a big year for him. If they do give him more ice in the NHL, he does need to take full advantage.