Bobby Brink Returns to the Flyers with Confidence

Bobby Brink should have plenty of confidence after a successful stint with the Phantoms.
Bobby Brink should have plenty of confidence after a successful stint with the Phantoms. / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

When Bobby Brink came into the summer rookie camp, he showed he was out to earn a roster spot this season. When he entered the training camp just before the season began, he put on a show and made the final cut. For the first few months of the season, he was looking like the young star everyone was hoping he was.

Then something happened. After playing really well, he hit a wall. The confidence seemed to be lost a bit in his shot. He hesitated a bit here and there when shooting. The zip in his step was gone. It's understandable. He's just 22 years old.

When he started to become more and more of a regular scratch, the team decided to send him back to Lehigh Valley for some seasoning. It wasn't a goodbye. It was a "We'll see you soon." It was hoping he'd find himself again.

Boy did he. Since being demoted to the Phantoms, he's come back with a vengeance. In 38 games with the Flyers, Brink scored seven goals with 11 assists. In just 11 games for the Phantoms, he scored six goals with five assists. I don't know what he's been drinking up there in Allentown, but can he bring some back to Philly to pass around!

All joking aside, he's been on fire. He's been tearing up the AHL teams he's been playing against. That's not too surprising. Last year, he had 12 goals with 16 assists.

With Rasmus Ristolainen and Jamie Drysdale sidelined with injuries, he's been recalled. The Flyers can use his hot stick right about now as the team will probably convert from a seven-man defensive unit to a six-man one. The extra forward skater will provide more scoring opportunities moving ahead. 

He will be a welcome addition back to the big club. He can help give some of the veteran guys a little bit of rest. He can bond with some of the young players again, like Tyson Foerster, Olle Lycksell, and Morgan Frost and connect with them on scoring chances.

More importantly, the Flyers will have him in this crucial stretch near the end of the season. If he can get hot as the season is winding down, he can get caught up in the playoff atmosphere and learn how to be a clutch player. That's something this team can use in its young stars right now.