Cole Eiserman's "scoring machine" ability could bring excitement to Flyers

U18 Five Nations Tournament
U18 Five Nations Tournament / Michael Miller/ISI Photos/GettyImages

It's no secret that Cole Eiserman likes to score goals. He recently broke Cole Caufield's USNTDP scoring record after he netted the 127th goal of his career in the U-18 Men's Championship. It seems that everywhere Eiserman goes, the goals follow him.

Eiserman is said to have one of, if not the best, shot in this year's draft class. And it is easy to see why that is the case. He can score in a variety of ways and gets the puck off his stick with ease. Defenders and goaltenders have a hard time stopping him as he uses his speed to find open areas of the ice. There is almost no time for opponents to reach when he has the puck.

He is also someone who isn't stingy in taking shots. If he sees an opportunity where he can get the puck on the net, he is going to take the chance. He didn't score 58 goals for the U.S. National U18 Team without having a scoring focus. Eiserman added 25 goals on the USNTDP Juniors team and had nine goals at Worlds.

Simply put, if the Flyers are looking for a pure scorer, Eiserman is the guy. So why is a player who is said to have such a lethal shot even an option for the Flyers? His draft rankings range from seventh to 16th. He was higher up in the rankings early on in the season but has fallen as the draft gets closer. Looking at just this offensive game, it would be a surprise to see him available when the Flyers pick.

That brings us to some of the parts of his game that need work. For what Eiserman can do with the puck, it's without the puck that has some questioning that part of his game. He tends to lose focus in coverage and floats around the ice, seemingly waiting to be given the puck back. That shows in his defensive coverage as well. He tends to cheat in the defensive zone, trying to create offense from it.

It's something that can frustrate Eiserman from time to time. But it is those moments that can make him better. USNTDP head coach Nick Fohr noted that to the young goal-scorer after noticing his frustrations during drills early in the season where the puck was not on his stick.

"“Those days are hard for your teammates because they’re not as good at scoring as you are. This is just a weakness of yours. And it’s going to be hard. And it’s OK to be frustrated with it a little bit, but understand that this is just something that we’re working on. You’re going to continue to make mistakes but that’s how you learn,” Fohr finished.""

Some have also noted conerns about his outbursts and potentially selfish play. But Fohr sees things much differently than those who call Eiserman a selfish player.

""When you are with Cole on a daily basis, when you learn what makes him tick. When you learn how his brain works, when you’re just around him and you see him interact with his teammates, it’s not about Cole Eiserman,” he’ll tell them. “That’s not who he is and it’s not selfishness. It’s him using his assets to the best of his ability and for the betterment of the team. He wants his teammates to have success, he wants to make plays to them.”"

He is just 17 years old. That is the kind of stuff that can come with more maturity, something he should find in the collegiate game. After initially committing to the University of Minnesota, Eiserman changed that to Boston University last Septemeber. Regardless, college is where those areas of his game can be rounded out before he makes it to the NHL.

There is no guarantee that Eiserman will be available to the Flyers when their pick comes. But they shouldn't shy away from concern in his overall game. His scoring is evident and has stayed with him during his young career. If he is on the board, there should be no hesitation in snatching him up.