3 contenders who must call the Flyers for Scott Laughton at the trade deadline

While the Philadelphia Flyers may ultimately forgo selling at the trade deadline, Scott Laughton is one player they could move if they do sell.
Feb 8, 2024; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Flyers center Scott Laughton (21) in
Feb 8, 2024; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Flyers center Scott Laughton (21) in / Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports
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The Philadelphia Flyers can be big buyers at the trade deadline, and since many of their players won’t become free agents until next summer, buying on or before March 8th makes sense. They are also still a top-three team in the NHL’s Metropolitan Division, and few expected so much success from this group as we now sit just under two months from the beginning of the postseason. 

Ironically, having players slated to become free agents in 2025 also means it makes sense to sell at the trade deadline. Rebuilding was the initial plan here, and selling off assets that would help contenders in 2024 gear up for a second run in 2025 also means players like Scott Laughton’s value (free agent after 2025-26) sits a little higher. 

Let’s assume for the purpose of this article that general manager Daniel Briere sells and Laughton draws interest from around the league. Several teams looking for depth along the lower lines would be interested in acquiring him, especially if a forward like Laughton can help them defensively. 

Scott Laughton would provide excellent depth for a contender

Should the Flyers sell, look for contenders struggling when they don’t have possession of the puck to inquire about Laughton. While the center showed us last season he can pitch in with scoring and value in the offensive zone, defense, and puck movement in a bottom-six role is where Laughton provides value. 

Let’s not expect a blockbuster for Laughton, since he’s nowhere near a high-end player in this league. But if the Flyers traded him to a team either starving to win a Stanley Cup or looking to make perhaps their final run in a while, then they could get a genuine return for him. 

Which teams could be front-runners to acquire Laughton at the trade deadline and what would make Laughton a good fit to join them for what will be an intense playoff race?