Could Flyers move up in draft for Sam Dickinson?

Sam Dickinson likely won't fall to the Flyers with their current first round pick. But how about if Philadelphia decides he's worth moving up for?
2024 Memorial Cup - Final
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Just call the London Knights a factory for the Philadelphia Flyers. That may be a stretch since last year was the first time Philadelphia drafted from London since 2005. But they could make it back-to-back years.

The Flyers drafted a pair of teammates, Oliver Bonk and Denver Barkey, last season. Bonk, with more responsibility, has developed his game offensively. Barkey has done the same and might end up as a steal of a draft pick.

And then there's teammate Sam Dickinson, a top prospect in this upcoming draft. Scouts have him pegged to go in the top 10, some as high as second or third. At first glance, that is well before the Flyers pick. But what if Philadelphia moves up in the draft? Reports of a potential trade with the Senators could have the Flyers picking as soon as seventh.

Sam Dickinson is worth trading up in the draft for

While nothing is imminent, Danny Briere mentioned the Flyers are open to just about everything, including moving up in the draft if there's a player they like.

""And to be honest with you, we're looking at all kinds of things. We're looking to possibly
move up with certain picks. We're looking to move back. Obviously, if we move up, we might have to give up a pick or two. But if the value is worth it to move up, to give up a pick, on a back end, to acquire a player, to pick a player that we really love, we'll
jump on it on.""

If that's someone like Dickinson, it wouldn't be a bad move. The second-year Knights' defenseman took a step forward, especially offensively. He upped his goal-scoring totals, posting 18 goals and 70 points after a season with nine goals and 23 points. Dickinson led all Knights blueliners in points and assists. His points were fourth-best in the OHL at his position. The offense translated to the playoffs where he had four goals and 13 points in 18 games.

Dickinson continued to show off his offensive talents in the Memorial Cup. He had two goals and four points in four games. Despite losing in the FInal, Dickinson had a goal and assist in the eventual loss to Saginaw.

Like Bonk, Dickinson excelled when given more responsibilities. He possesses the skills on both sides of the ice to be a game-changer for whatever team drafts him next week. He has the speed to transition back on defense and is learning how to use his size effectively. As one of the youngest players in the draft, Dickinson skyrocketed up draft boards as the year went on.

Forward, especially a centerman is a clear position of need for the Flyers. But if they have a chance to grab Dickinson, Philadelphia should take the chance.