3 dynamic prospects who will help fuel the Flyers reset in 2024-25

The Philadelphia Flyers are still in playoff contention, but they are also on the cusp of a retooling. So, let’s talk about a few high-end prospects who may help fuel it.

Philadelphia Flyers v Ottawa Senators
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Samu Tuomaala is a player you can’t count out in 2024-25

Samu Tuomaala was one prospect I didn’t want to see the Flyers package into a trade if they were interested in buying at the deadline, thanks to the overall improvement he’s made this season. Like Desnoyers, he’s not going to play on the big club early in the season unless he’s so impressive in camp he leaves the front office and coaching staff with no choice but to give him a chance to stick around come October. 

More likely, Tuomaala will be sent back to the Phantoms and continue to build on his remarkable transition to North America. In 61 contests, Tuomaala has 41 points and 14 goals, but his rebound started in Finland last season when he was still with Kettera. And if the parlay continues in 2024-25, he’s at least getting a trial toward the end of the season. 

If all goes well for Tuomaala and the other prospects listed above, look for the Flyers to inch closer to building what has already become an ultra-exciting core in the City of Brotherly Love. No, they probably won’t compete next season like they did this year, and let’s tamper expectations for 2025-26. But when Briere keeps all the players mentioned in this slideshow together long-term, the 2026-27 group will be ready to compete. 


(Statistics provided by Hockey-Reference and Elite Prospects)