Egor Zamula signs two year contract to remain with Flyers

Egor Zamula had his best and longest stint in the NHL. That earned him the first multi-year contract of his career since his entry-level deal.
Philadelphia Flyers v New York Rangers
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The final bit of restricted free agent business has been taken care of by the Flyers.

Days after signing Bobby Brink to a two-year deal, Philadelphia has now done the same for Egor Zamula. And it comes with quite a hike in salary. Zamula will now earn 1.75M over the next two seasons after the 775K hit he had last season.

It's a nice raise for Zamula and gives him an extra year of security. It also sures-up the Flyers' defense as they now have six players under control on the NHL roster. That doesn't include those looking to make the jump as well.

Egor Zamula remains in Philadelphia for the next two seasons

By the numbers, this was Zamula's best season in the NHL. He played in, by far, the most games of his career (66) and scored his first NHL goal. He finished the year with five goals and 21 points. Zamula got a chance to add power-play minutes to his game later in the year. He scored twice on the man advantage and had nine total points with the unit.

Zamula's on-ice numbers were amongst the best when compared to the rest of the defense. He finished with the second-best CF% (52.84) among regular defensemen. Only Sean Walker had better numbers. The team had a slight edge in goals with Zamula on the ice (37-36) so while the Flyers have driven play, they aren't keeping it out of their net either.

Zamula did fall victim to a rotating defense at times, especially due to injuries and trades. He was a healthy scratch at times but had a rather successful season when it came down to it.

The team has long believed in what he can be despite the inconsistencies in his game. Getting a second-year on the deal after coming off just a single-season contract shows that the Flyers still like what they've seen overall.

Zamula gets term on the deal and a little more security than he had before. Now it's up to him to keep proving the Flyers right.