Elliotte Friedman says there is optimism that a Michkov deal is closing in

Elliotte Friedman says there is optimism that a Matvei Michkov/Philadelphia Flyers deal is closing in.
2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft - Round One
2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft - Round One / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Flyers took a big risk when they selected Matvei Michkov. He is signed with St Petersburg of the KHL for a few more years which is what made it a risky selection.

There was concern that he'd never come to North America and if he did it wouldn't be for a while. A lot of scouts believe he was the second-best player in the draft behind Connor Bedard but he fell to Philly at number seven.

Well, it sounds like there is optimism that a deal is going to get done now. Elliotte Friedman, the best insider in the league, is reporting that there is optimism about a deal closing in.

Matvei Michkov may be coming to the Philadelphia Flyers sooner than expected

He made sure to preface the report with the fact that nothing is done until it is done. However, it does sound like he is optimistic that something gets done soon. He wouldn't tweet this without some kind of knowledge that things are being worked out.

Michkov is not signing a deal to play in the AHL either. If he gets this done, he will be with the Philadelphia Flyers to open the season. That will begin what is a very promising NHL career.

The Flyers took a big step in 2023-24. They fell just short of the playoffs but the foundation of a winning culture is there now. When Michkov gets there, he will be getting dropped right into the middle of that.

We don't know for sure what players will be surrounding him because they are in all sorts of trade rumors but they are sure to still be a good team.

Watching Michkov develop away from North America has been a treat but now we'll get to see him in the best hockey league if this deal gets done. It won't be long before we have a resolution to this rumor.