Flyers attempted to trade for fourth overall pick

Columbus Blue Jackets v Philadelphia Flyers
Columbus Blue Jackets v Philadelphia Flyers / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The NHL Draft is nearly upon us. Teams will be putting their last minute touches on their draft boards and making any last attempts to work the phones before the draft begins.

Turns out Danny Briere has been extremely aggressive in trying to move up. There was the reported deal with the Ottawa Senators to swap for the seventh overall. More details suggested Joonas Korpisalo would've been involved if the Bruins were not interested in taking him.

Briere has reportedly tried to jump even higher in the draft, talking with the Blue Jackets for the fourth-overall selection. TSN's Pierre Lebrun dropped this nugget of information on Thursday evening.

""What we're being told is that the Flyers made a pretty aggressive pitch to the Columbus Blue Jackets on Wednesday, offering a swap of first-round picks, also a roster player, plus perhaps next year's first-round pick. All part of a package to try and get the fourth overall pick from the Blue Jackets. I believe the answer was no, but that doesn't mean you can't try again.""

Danny Briere has been aggressive in trying to move up in the draft

Lebrun didn't specify whether or not it was the 12th pick or 32nd pick from the Flyers in this deal. There was no information on the roster player, but it is hard to believe that it wasn't Travis Konecny. He is the only player who likely has enough value for Philadelphia to jump almost 10 picks in the draft. It's possible they could've added a younger player like a Tyson Foerster, but it's hard to see Columbus taking a player who isn't proven in the NHL.

The player in question that would make the Flyers want to jump that high is potentially Ivan Demidov. With Matvei Michkov coming over ahead of this season, why not grab a player he is very familiar with? It also further strengthens the relationship when Philadelphia already has a player that is under SKA St. Petersburg's control.

Demidov had similar issues to Michkov where he wasn't able to crack the KHL roster. Instead, Demidov lit up the MHL for SKA-1946 St. Petersburg. He bested his goal total from a season ago (23) in fewer games and nearly put up more points (60) as well. He is under contract with SKA, though only for the upcoming season. So it wouldn't be long before he jumps to the NHL.

Cayden Lindstrom is another potential option the Flyers may want to jump other teams for. Lindstrom lost half of this season due to a back injury, but he still put up better numbers in his second season in the WHL. There is plenty to like about his game, and not much to dislike. Lindstrom uses his large frame to protect the puck and drive the net with authority. His shot is one of his best assets as he uses it to score from multiple places on the ice.

He also uses his size to win board battles and knock players away from the puck. The main concern is how Lindstrom will bounce back from the back injury. He did return after nearly three months and looked like his normal self in the playoffs. Lindstrom had a goal and assists in the Medicine Hat Tigers' first-round loss. A healthy summer and another season in the WHL should do him well.

For now, the Blue Jackets are standing pat with the fourth overall selection. The Flyers could certainly try again and get closer to what Columbus is looking for.

Briere is being aggressive in trying to grab a premier player in the draft, that much is certain.