Flyers channel their inner Rocky ahead of Stadium Series

The Flyers gave their best Rocky Balboa impressions ahead of the 2024 Stadium Series.
The Flyers gave their best Rocky Balboa impressions ahead of the 2024 Stadium Series. / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Flyers will soon take on the New Jersey Devils to kick off the 2024 Stadium Series. But first came the entrance. Joel Farabee left us all in suspense when he wouldn't reveal the team's plans for their outfits. He only left one clue in saying that Philadelphia would enjoy it.

He wasn't wrong about the response as the Flyers came off the bus dressed in their best gray sweatshirts, sweatpants, and Chuck Taylor sneakers. Add the black beanies and taped hands, and you have a Philadelphia icon, Rocky Balboa.

"We wanted something that people from Philly were going to like and get behind. It's pretty fun to just do something like this, planning it out over the course of the season was pretty fun. We were super excited to kind of run in here and just get things going," Joel Farabee said before the game.

Some players gave it their best effort to channel their inner Rocky Balboa by shadowboxing or running from the bus and past the fans.

It hasn't been long since teams began to coordinate their outfits for these outdoor games. The Boston Bruins threw it back to the 1990s when they entered the 2021 game in Lake Tahoe. The Washington Capitals put on the varsity jackets and threw the football around last season. It may not have been a Stadium Series game, but the St. Louis Blues put their bodies on the line by wearing their summer finest before last season's Winter Classic. You can tell some of them were freezing.

The New Jersey Devils also took part by honoring their home state. They came off the bus in various tracksuits to pay homage to the Sopranos. As with the Flyers, some players committed to the bit more than others.

It's always fun to see what the players and teams decide to do for these games. It's a bit of excitement before everyone gets down to business.