Flyers fans have a clear cut rooting interest in the NCAA National Championship

Flyers fans have a clear cut rooting interest in the NCAA National Championship this year.
Denver v Boston University
Denver v Boston University / David Berding/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Flyers are trying to get into their own postseason spot. They had one locked down for most of the season but have fallen out do to a recent slump.

They are working hard to right the ship and earn the spot that they think they deserve. However, there are other things going on in hockey worth paying attention to as well.

The Frozen Four is in the National Championship. The game is going to take place at the Xcel Energy Center between Denver and Boston College.

Boston College has all of that young skill that you hear about while Denver is a strong team that can beat anybody. It should be an interesting matchup to determine this year's champion.

The Philadelphia Flyers fans have extra reasons to root for Denver

Philadelphia Flyers fans have a clear rooting interest in this game. One of their top prospects, Massimo Rizzo is going to compete with Denver.

On the other side of the coin is Cutter Gauthier who was drafted fifth overall by the Flyers in 2022. He then wouldn't meet with them and forced his rights to be traded away.

Jamie Drysdale came back and Gauthier's rights went to the Anaheim Ducks. He is likely to sign there right when the season is over.

Gauthier's incredible season is well-documented and he is looking to cap it off with a title. Rizzo was injured for a while but he made it back for their 2-1 victory over Boston University in the semi-finals.

There isn't much of a doubt who the Flyers fans are going to be rooting for. People from Philly have a hard time rooting for anything Boston anyway but there are extra reasons to root against BC here if you're a Flyers fan.

Gauthier will be the "most-hated" player among this fanbase for a long time. He wanted to leave the team high and dry no matter what. He wouldn't even meet with the leadership group to explain himself.

Flyers fans should be all in on Denver. Not only would they see Gauthier go down, they'd see Rizzo win his second title in three years. You may remember when Denver won in 2022 (Bobby Orr Brink was his teammate). There is no doubt that this is expected to be some incredible hockey.