5 Flyers players who must bring their A-Game to play meaningful games in March

After embarking on a losing streak that caused some to believe the Flyers lost their momentum, they have since started winning again.
Feb 6, 2024; Sunrise, Florida, USA; Philadelphia Flyers celebrates after a goal by right wing Travis
Feb 6, 2024; Sunrise, Florida, USA; Philadelphia Flyers celebrates after a goal by right wing Travis / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
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The Philadelphia Flyers look to have gotten back on a roll and they should defy the odds from here on out if a few players from their main and supporting cast embark on a roll down the stretch. No one thought the Flyers would be in the position they are currently in, but it’s time to take this surprise team seriously as we approach the trade deadline season

Ideally, they would see each player in the main and supporting casts step up, play their best hockey down the stretch, and put this team into the playoffs. But if a few meaningful names rise up, the Flyers will be a force in the near future. So who needs to have a great back half of February to guarantee this team will play meaningful games in March?

Travis Konecny must continue to be the scoring unit’s heart and soul

Travis Konecny is the face of the Flyers organization, and if they are to reach that meaningful period down the stretch, he must bring his A-Game more than anyone else. So far, Konecny leads the team in points and goals scored with 46 and 24, respectively. He also performs well when the Flyers have their backs against the wall, having logged an eye-popping five short-handed goals this season. 

Despite enjoying a sound campaign, however, Konecny is well behind what we saw from him last season when he scored 61 points and 31 goals in 60 contests to go with a remarkable 16.2 shooting percentage. If he repeats that kind of production for the rest of this season, that alone will make the Flyers tough to beat as they steamroll into the second half of February. 

His defensive game must also keep trending upward, as we have seen Philadelphia snag a 90.4 save percentage with Konecny on the ice at 5-on-5. He also has a sound 36 takeaways, getting sticks on the puck now more than any other time in his career.