Flyers Should Inquire if Martin Necas Wants Out of Carolina

Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers - Game Five
Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers - Game Five / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

One of the best things about the NHL offseason is the rumor mill. Which team will such and such free agent go to? Who will this team trade away or trade for? And if your team has missed the playoffs, or has been recently bounced from them, it gives you comfort. For Flyers fans, it could give you a sense of hope that maybe, just maybe, the upcoming season won't suck.

Earlier, I wrote how one of the Flyers' rivals in the Metropolitan Division, the Carolina Hurricanes, has a plethora of potential free agents to poach. Several rumors are floating around that one of their best, center Martin Necas, may want to take his talents elsewhere.

After the Rangers finished off the Canes, Necas packed his bags rather quickly and left to play for Team Czechia. In an interview, his father suggested that Necas wanted off the team. He is an RFA making 3M right now. If these rumors are true, the Flyers should pounce now.

Flyers should take a chance on acquiring Martin Necas

Necas is a 6'2", 25-year-old forward who can play center or wing. This season, he scored 24 goals with 29 assists. The season before, he recorded 28 goals with 42 assists. He is a big center, something the Flyers need badly. You can't tell me it wouldn't be great to see him on a line sandwiched between Travis Konecny on the right and Matvei Michkov on the left. If the Flyers extended Konecny and Michkov does come over, this line could rival the famed Legion of Doom line.

So, what would Necas cost Philly? Probably a lot. A guy like Necas, if he became available, would have a lot of NHL teams falling all over themselves to acquire him. Good centers can be hard to find and they cost a pretty penny. For the Flyers, I would say that Morgan Frost would be the first player who would have to go. He's still a decent player and relatively cheap, which would appeal to the Hurricanes. You may have to toss in another young forward, like Olle Lycksell or Bobby Brink. You may have to toss in a first-rounder from this year or possibly a second-rounder.

However, if the cost to get Necas would be a forward (or two) and a draft pick (or two), it might be worth it. If he would be willing to sign a deal that would pay him 5-7M for five years, he and Michkov could be a dynamic duo to terrorize the Metro for years to come.Necas believes he can be a top-line forward. In Philly, he could very well become that. Because he is entering his prime, and quality centers are a hot commodity, you may have to consider pushing that closer to, or even over, the $8 million mark.

While he won't score 40 goals, he could be good for 25-35. He's not going to be an Eric Lindros. He's likely to be a player in the mold of Keith Primeau or Rick Tocchet. He can hit, he can score, he will dig in the corners and he can win a faceoff. He can do something few Flyers have done over the last few years. He has 63 career points on the power play, 28 being goals. He can also be used to defend on the penalty kill. Necas is going to be a valuable player to have.

The Flyers should go and get him.