Flyers sign Bobby Brink to two-year contract

Just days after being sent a qualifying offer, Bobby Brink and the Flyers have agreed upon a two-year deal.
Tampa Bay Lightning v Philadelphia Flyers
Tampa Bay Lightning v Philadelphia Flyers / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Just days after sending out qualifying offers, the Flyers have already come to terms with one of their players.

Bobby Brink, who had arbitration rights, agreed to terms on a two-year contract. He gets a bump in salary, now making 1.5M over the next two seasons. It's a nice deal for a player that has room to grow and one Philadelphia would like to see stick around.

Bobby Brink signs two-year contract to remain in Philadelphia

It wasn't an easy season for Brink. He started the season rather well, collecting eight points in his first 10 games. He had his first two-goal outing in an early season contest against his hometown team, the Minnesota Wild.

The inconsistency came as did the healthy scratches. His ice time often took a hit, sometimes dipping below 10 minutes on more than one occasion. The good thing about Brink is he often found ways to get involved in the game. It was rare he wouldn't fire at least a shot or two on the net. Brink failed to register a shot in just 13 of his 57 games this season.

Brink's on-ice numbers are some of the worst on the team, but not bad numbers for a player in his first full season in the NHL. His 47.85 CF% is not great, but the team did outshoot and outscore teams with Brink on the ice. It's a sign that, when put in the right situation, Brink is an asset to the Flyers.

He will need to find more consistency in his offense. A stint in the AHL helped him rediscover his confidence. Brink had seven goals and 13 points when he was sent down to Lehigh Valley. The offense didn't completely follow him back up, though he did score in back-to-back games upon his return. He had two goals in the remaining 17 games.

If given the right opportunities and the right linemates, Brink could find his way at the NHL level. He just needs to be allowed to make mistakes along the way.