Flyers with seventh-best odds to sign Leon Draisaitl

Leon Draisaitl will be a free agent next summer. If the Oilers let him get there, the Flyers have top-10 odds to bring him to Philadelphia.
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Before we even get started, yes this is an incredibly far-fetched thought. But where's the fun in not imagining the completely wild scenarios that can happen?

Leon Draisaitl is likely not leaving the Edmonton Oilers. They would be crazy to let him hit free agency. But does there come a moment when the organization has run out of chances to make a run with him and Connor McDavid? They came one win away from hoisting the Stanley Cup

So what happens if the Oilers decide, for whatever reason, that they don't want to re-sign Draisaitl? Or what if he decides he has had enough of getting close but not close enough?

That's where it could get wild.

Flyers own seventh best odds to sign Leon Draisaitl

To see the Flyers even on a list like this shows the strides they've made as a premier place to play. With Matvei Michkov expected to sign his entry-level contract after his KHL contract was terminated, the time could be now to surround him with top-level talent.

Draisaitl has one more year left on his contract with a cap hit of 8.5M. He has a modified no-trade clause as well as a no-movement clause. So he has complete control over where he ends up if the Oilers trade him. The likelihood of that happening is slim. Edmonton would have to completely fall off a season after almost winning it all. It's not impossible, but improbable.

If Draisaitl makes it through the season without signing an extension, something he can do as early as this July, then one can wonder what happens. Regardless, he is going to command a substantial amount of money. He has only gotten better since signing the eight-year deal in 2017.

Draisaitl has hit the 100-point mark in five of the last six seasons, reaching as high as 128 in 2022-23. He has scored 50 goals three times, holding a career-high 55 in 2021-22. His next contract will certainly be over double-digits. With the cap going on in the next few seasons, that may not be a concern.

The Flyers will have eight free agents to worry about next summer. Some of the big names include Travis Konecny, Tyson Foerster, and Cam York. They will also have a ton of minor leaguers to worry about, but they're not as important to the bigger picture at this time.

Depending on how this season goes, the Flyers could be in a position to take a leap of faith next summer. Could that include taking a stab at Draisaitl if he makes it to free agency?

Time will tell, but it would be a heck of a move if it panned out.