3 under-the-radar prospects the Flyers cannot afford to trade at the deadline

The Philadelphia Flyers could buy at the trade deadline, but there are some prospects they just cannot afford to sell off.
Philadelphia Flyers v New Jersey Devils
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The Philadelphia Flyers continue to find themselves in the thick of the playoff race as the 2024 trade deadline sits just over one week away. Since they are still a top-three team in the Metropolitan Division, there is a good chance they will add at least one quality player to their lineup, but that doesn’t mean they need to sell off their best prospects to land a top talent. 

We all know there are at least a few who the Flyers should not trade away under any circumstances unless they’re getting a deal so lucrative involving a player who can help them win hockey games beyond the 2023-24 season and for years to come. 

However, players like Matvei Michkov and Oliver Bonk aren’t the only prospects who should be off-limits, or at least off-limits for the most part. There are other names out there that, unless the Flyers believe they can acquire and extend a potential star or big-time contributor at the deadline, they need to say a hard ‘no’ to non-contending teams. 

The Flyers have some under-the-radar prospects they can’t afford to trade

The names mentioned in the above section will, unless something unforeseen occurs, remain in the organization. Others like Carson Bjarnson and Alexei Kolosov are a pair of names that also come to mind, and it almost goes without saying that they won’t be expendable at the March 8th deadline. 

But there are more under-the-radar prospects in this talented pool whom fewer fans may think about could become more than just solid contributors for the organization within the next few seasons. 

In the following slides, you will meet three players the Flyers cannot risk trading away despite the fact they could be just a blockbuster trade from becoming strong contenders for the Stanley Cup. The first is a forward who has shown a lot of promise at the University of Denver, and he could parlay such play into a reputable spot with the big club in the next few seasons.