3 under-the-radar prospects the Flyers cannot afford to trade at the deadline

The Philadelphia Flyers could buy at the trade deadline, but there are some prospects they just cannot afford to sell off.

Philadelphia Flyers v New Jersey Devils
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Massimo Rizzo’s productivity has been commanding attention for a while now

A former seventh-round draft pick for the Carolina Hurricanes who remains unsigned with the Flyers should find himself with the Lehigh Valley Phantoms next season. Don’t let Rizzo’s late-round draft status fool you, as he’s been working his way up the rungs over the last three seasons at the University of Denver, enjoying steady increases in productivity with each passing season. 

Through just 28 games this year, Rizzo’s production has soared to another level, with 44 points, 10 goals, and 34 assists, putting him on a 1.57 points per game pace. His 34 assists this season show us that he has factored in as a prolific passer who can find linemates with ease, and it should surprise nobody if he hits the 40-assist milestone at his current pace. 

Despite the outstanding points production, his game isn’t all-out offense, so expect him to break up more than a few would-be plays in the defensive zone to help his team retake puck possession. 

We won’t see Rizzo on the Flyers next season or potentially even the year after sans injuries or if he enjoys an outstanding camp. But he will become, at worst, a solid role player who the Flyers will be glad they kept.