Ryan Johansen has no interest in playing for Flyers, Tortorella

Ryan Johansen seems to have no interest in playing for the Philadelphia Flyers.

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The Philadelphia Flyers are a team that handled the trade deadline with grace. They are staying on their current course which is to continue trying to win without mortgaging the future.

They added a first-round pick at the deadline in a "seller" type of trade that sent Sean Walker to the Colorado Avalanche. That is smart for a young team currently holding a playoff spot. They have the future in mind over everything else.

Part of that trade was Ryan Johansen, a depth piece for the Avalanche. This is a player that has been good in his NHL career. He isn't a star anymore but he had 13 goals and 10 assists for 23 points in 63 games played. He isn't a bum but he isn't worth as much as he once was.

Right when Philly acquired him, they put him on waivers and he cleared. Now, it sounds like the Flyers might have to buy him out.

Ryan Johansen isn't going to be a member of the Philadelphia Flyers

Elliotte Friedman discussed this issue during the most recent "32 Thoughts Podcast". He talked about the strained relationship that Johansen has with Flyers head coach John Tortorella.

Things are not good between them right now as they strained their relationship during their time together with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

There are also apparently hard feelings towards shared agent with Cutter Gauthier. You might remember that the Flyers traded the Boston College star to the Anaheim Ducks for Jamie Drysdale earlier this season.

Honestly, Johansen's production at his cap hit is not worth any kind of headache. The Flyers are a young team trying to build something special and don't need any negativity like that around. There are some good days ahead with this team and Johansen isn't going to be the one who messes it all up.

It would be nice to see him get a fresh start somewhere so he can find peace with his hockey home but Philadelphia is not that place.