Ten Common Sense Free Agents for the Flyers to Consider

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As the Flyers head into the postseason, it's time to look for free agents that could potentially help this team out. It is a no-brainer to say that some top names, like Sam Reinhart, would immediately help this team. It's likely hard to imagine someone of that caliber coming to Philly. It would be nice though, wouldn't it?

Instead, here are ten free agents that the Flyers could probably afford. These players could impact and improve this team because of their abilities and experience on better teams.

Adam Henrique

We've seen enough of Henrique over the years in Jersey to know what he can do. The 33-year-old center is still good for 20+ goals a year, scoring 24 in Edmonton and Anaheim this year. The Flyers badly need a center. He's good for over 55% during most seasons in the faceoff circle. That would easily lead this team.

As a long-term solution, he's not the guy. However, he'd be a great guy to have for a season or two. Signing a guy with strong fundamentals is right up Tortorella's alley. He'd be a great role player to have on the Flyers.

Anthony Mantha

In a similar vein, there is Mantha. He scored 23 goals this season, his highest total since 2018-19 in Detroit (25). He's on Vegas, which has a bunch of players they will have to make decisions on. Someone like Mantha will slip through the cracks.

Most Flyers fans won't immediately shout for joy at this signing. But for a guy who could serve as a winger on the third line on a one-year contract, he'd be a big help. He could add a scoring touch, not impede any younger winger trying to break onto the team, and he could be flipped at the trade deadline for future assets if needed.

Teuvo Teravainen

The Hurricanes have a lot of players they will need to look at. With having to re-sign some big names like Jake Guentzel and Brett Pesce, someone like Tervainen could slip through the cracks. He's a speedy winger who can score, with a career-high of 25 goals this year.

The downside is he can be super streaky. However, he's won a Cup in Chicago and has played on some good teams in Carolina. He would be a great asset to a young team like Philly. A two or three-year deal for him would be perfect.

Jake DeBrusk

As the Bruins continue to struggle over the last few years in the playoffs, they may have to look at shaking things up. Most likely, they shed some players and try to land a big-name guy to take them back to the Stanley Cup. Because of this, DeBrusk could find a new home.

Jake Guentzel proved that he can be a star player when not in the shadow of Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. Likewise, DeBrusk might need to get away from Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak. He's a budding star entering the prime of his career. He could be the pairing that Owen Tippett and Travis Konecny are missing on the left side.

Max Domi

There are some mysteries in the NHL I will never understand: Why does Commissioner Bettman continue to want a team in Phoenix when it hasn't worked yet? Why do "hockey experts" continue to predict the Leafs to win the Stanley Cup, when we all know (like the Raiders and Cubs), they will massively disappoint? And why can't Maxi Domi find a permanent home?

Since 2019, he's been on six teams. And yet, teams ask for him each year at the trade deadline. I've written about him several times over the last few years. Domi had a down year in goals this year, scoring just nine compared to 20 the year before. Still, he is a high-quality third-line player and could be a great free-agent addition.

Jordan Martinook

Here's the thing about Martinook. He's not an amazing player. He's probably best for a third-line role. He's never scored above 15 goals and is not a high-profile player. He is likely one of the guys that the Canes will sacrifice to sign their other, better free-agent talent.

However, he is a fundamental guy. He'll battle in the corners. He'll chase down a puck. He'll deliver a hit when needed, but won't put the team down by being foolish. More importantly, he'll probably cost the team about $2.5 million a year. He's one of Rod Brind'Amour's favorites. There is no reason to believe he couldn't easily become one of Tortorella's favorites too.

Sean Walker

Walker was a salary cap toss into the Ivan Provorov trade. Nobody expected much out of him. Instead, he became the team's top defender. He was moved at the deadline for a first-round pick, something nobody would have imagined a few months earlier. But that trade came at a cost. After moving him for that first rounder, the team won only six out of their final 19 games.

Walker fit in well in Philadelphia. The team could use him. If he'd be willing to come back on a two or three-year deal, it would be worth it. This year wasn't a fluke. He and Nick Seeler were a perfect pairing. Brad Shaw helped to elevate his game. He needs to come back to Philly. Plus, it is better to go with a player you know and is used to the system than an outsider who may not fit.

Oliver Ekman-Larsson

Ekman-Larsson would be a wonderful addition to the Flyers. He's been a top defender for some bad teams over the last 13 years and has been a solid player on Florida this year as they make a strong playoff run again. The Flyers' two biggest holes are at center and defender. He'd fill that defensive hole quickly.

He's older than Walker, but just as solid. I'd rather have Walker back, but if Walker is gone and the other top-name defenders, like Pesce and Brady Skjei, are gone, I'd go for Ekman-Larsson in a heartbeat.

Antti Raanta

You wouldn't think that the Flyers need a goalie. After all, they have Sam Ersson and Ivan Fedotov in the net. They are set, right? Well, what if Fedotov falters? What if Ersson gets hurt? You don't want to turn the team over to Cal Petersen, do you?

Raanta is from Finland and he can mentor Ersson, a Swede, and Fedotov, a Russian about the transition from Euro hockey to the NHL. Raanta has put up solid numbers in Carolina over the last few seasons. He also signed a one-year deal for just $1 million last year to play in Raleigh. Where can you find a veteran talent like his at that price?

Martin Jones

Ditto Martin Jones. He served as a mentor to Carter Hart and did well here in Philadelphia. There is no reason he couldn't do the same for Ersson and Fedotov. Raanta will be 35 this year, but Jones will be a year younger.

After serving as Seattle's starting goalie, he played as Toronto's backup. He has a GAA of 2.87 and a save percentage of .902. He's got a lot of experience that could be valuable to young goalies.