Tyler Johnson would provide depth at forward for Flyers

Tyler Johnson would provide depth at forward for the Philadelphia Flyers.
New York Rangers v Chicago Blackhawks
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The Philadelphia Flyers could use some help in the off-season. If they improve on their depth, they will be a team that could hang onto their playoff spot by next year's postseason.

One guy that might be able to help them is Tyler Johnson. He spent the first 9 years of his NHL career with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

When he was down there, he established himself as an outstanding two-way center that can bring a lot of offense to the table.

As a member of the Bolts, Johnson won two Stanley Cups and was a big part of many other deep playoff runs. His experience under his belt is not taught and can only be lived.

Tyler Johnson has been on every kind of team in his NHL career

He was brought over to the Chicago Blackhawks and there for the last three seasons. When he got there, he was expecting to be a part of the solution that helped turn the team around.

Things were mostly bad there though during his three seasons and he is sure to hit the free-agent market now that his contract is done. It had to be great playing with Connor Bedard in 2023-24 but it is time for him to pursue another championship as he approaches his mid-30s.

If the Philadelphia Flyers brought in a guy like this, he'd do wonders for the young group that they are putting together. A guy with that type of experience doesn't come around too often.

The Flyers can afford to offer him a good contract and playing time. Both of those things should be appealing to a player in Johnson's position. The man wants to win again and the Flyers are approaching that level of play.

This is a forward that can play both center and wing which makes him extra valuable. He can be a solid contributor to the penalty kill, power play, and five on five play. It is something for the front office to think about.