The ultimate checklist for the Philadelphia Flyers 2024 offseason

The Philadelphia Flyers couldn’t keep their playoff hopes alive down the stretch, but will their overall success this year change the course of the 2024 offseason?
Philadelphia Flyers v New York Rangers
Philadelphia Flyers v New York Rangers / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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Make the trades

Briere must buckle down and make the trades, as doing so will give the Flyers much more cap space than what they currently have. He also needs to ask himself how far the likes of some of these players, like Scott Laughton, Cam Atkinson, Garnet Hathaway, and Nicolas Deslauriers, can honestly bring to this team next year and whether they would ever legitimately help them make a deep playoff run. 

Judging from this season, the answer is no, and Briere can trade every one of them - even those with modified no-trade clauses - elsewhere for prospects and draft picks. He has a great prospects pipeline, but it can improve further. By trading the players listed above, Briere would also make room for anyone he deems ready to make the jump. 

It’s also worth noting that Ryan Johansen is also in the system and remains under contract for next season, so he, too, would make for a sensible trade if Briere doesn’t plan on using him with the big club next season. Not that he would get much for Johansen, but still, if there’s no role for him in the system, move him.

Whether the Flyers made a deeper playoff run or not this season wouldn’t be relevant unless they had lasted to within one series of the Stanley Cup Final. There was no way he shouldn’t be trading these players away, especially while some may still hold more value this summer.