The ultimate checklist for the Philadelphia Flyers 2024 offseason

The Philadelphia Flyers couldn’t keep their playoff hopes alive down the stretch, but will their overall success this year change the course of the 2024 offseason?
Philadelphia Flyers v New York Rangers
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Be reasonable in free agency

Trading away those listed in the previous slide will give the Flyers more cap space, but it would still keep them in the mid-to-low-tier portion of the league overall. Since this would be a “retool,” it also makes little sense for the Flyers to make any big signings unless it’s a young player they could figure to keep for quite some time. 

The same thing would apply if they wished to acquire anyone via a trade. A big-name player who is nearing 30 wouldn’t make much sense for this organization, but suppose someone like Trevor Zegras became available. Trading for Zegras would be more logical for what the Flyers are trying to build.

Pending extensions for key players is another reason Briere must be reasonable with acquisitions. The team’s leading scorer this season, Travis Konecny, will be up for an extension, and signing him to a lengthy deal should be a priority if Briere was interested in keeping him around. 

He has several other youngsters due for extensions either this offseason or by the time the following offseason arrives. Briere must also look to extend Bobby Brink, Adam Ginning, Yegor Zamula, and Ivan Fedotov in 2024, while the others can wait until either some point during the season or in the summer of 2025.